FR recreated in Halo Infinite via Forge

Halo Infinite hasn’t officially received Forge mode yet, but those who have already had access through the Internet-shared version are already creating content capable of surprising.

A player decided to take inspiration from Hideo Kojima’s famous PT demo and presented a mix between this horror moment and Halo Infinite. The player starts in a room and the tone is scary, but the difference in this house where there is only one exit is that you are now equipped with a weapon.

That infamous hallway has also been recreated and that creepy sound has been recreated as well, for added effect and atmospheric involvement in this PT adaptation of Halo Infinite’s Forge, which promises to give plenty to say over the course. of the next few months.

The community who have already got their hands on Forge from Halo Infinite have already recreated Call of Duty maps and even locations from the Fallout series, to show other players a bit of what will be possible when this mode is available to everyone.

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