5 simulation games you can’t miss on your Android smartphone

The video game segment is one of the most profitable and the mobile universe has been one of the choices of many creators. The big titles we’ve seen associated with consoles and PC can now be played on the smartphone and new stuff continues to arrive every month.

Today we highlight 5 games that cannot miss on your smartphone.

5 games you can't miss on your Android smartphone

5 simulation games for Android smartphones

Station 2: Train Games

For train lovers, this is the perfect game. With art and ingenuity, you can become the greatest railway entrepreneur in the world.

Train Station 2: Train Games is a strategy game, with challenging contracts, plenty of achievements, and surprises with every track and train conquered.


The new player has been selected by Mr. MONOPOLY to show his full potential and become the real estate tycoon par excellence.

The traditional board game has turned into a thriving 3D city, with its private buildings, live traffic and captivating citizens with their business or just enjoying the city under construction.

airlines director

Airlines Manager is the perfect game for anyone who is passionate about the whole world of aviation. You will have to create your airline, create fleets with 130 realistic aircraft models, create routes, buy airports or sign contracts... and many other management details that involve this universe.

Home page : playrion
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.4 stars

Dinosaur Park - Jurassic

And what would life be like in the age of dinosaurs? Research over the years has yielded some absolutely amazing answers about this era, and we're sure the world would look very different if these beings lived with humans.

This is the principle of the Dinosaur Park-Jurassic game, which must be managed by the player.

Home page : code sets
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.5 stars

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch

Another type of simulation and management game is RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch. The premise here is to create the best and biggest amusement park ever, with unique rides including roller coasters that might seem impossible in the real world.

Home page : Atari, Inc.
Price: free
Punctuation: 4.2 stars

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