Stray gets a mod that replaces the cat with a dog

Stray is still the game of the moment, but if you’ve always been a big fan of dogs, then you’re in luck: modders are having fun with the game and have already found a way to replace the main cat with a dog.

The mod is now available on linkcourtesy of breeder crubino, and allows players to replace the game’s unnamed cat with a French bulldog (which makes sense since they’re both quite similar in size).

However, Stray’s cat behaves very realistically, scratching carpets and walls, bristling when it sees danger, or throwing things off shelves; that’s why, despite the mod turning him into a dog, all of his animations will remain the same.

The mod page is not entirely explicit about the sound of the cat and whether its meow will be replaced by a dog bark. However, it is possible that the same will be added in the future.

Stray has been awarded a Recommended badge in our analysis. “With an incredible dystopian cyberpunk atmosphere and fun gameplay built around a cat, Stray dazzles with visuals and more.”, was our verdict.

Have you ever played Stray? What did you think of the game?

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