How is this Tesla at over 300,000 kilometers?

THE Durability is one of motorists’ biggest doubts about all-electric cars, with battery degradation being one of the biggest concerns. For this question, Kyle Conner, from the Youtube channel Out of Specs Reviews, was with Christian, the owner of a 2017 Tesla Model X 100D with more than… 300,000 kilometers.

Christian has been using it daily for five years and, unlike the vast majority of Tesla owners, he almost always charges his vehicle at the brand’s Superchargers, instead of doing it at home (which is better and cheaper). According to him, he uses public chargers about 80% of the time he charges the Model X.

Let’s move on to the component that matters the most: the battery. When new, the Model X 100D’s battery had a usable capacity of 93.7 kWh. After five years and approximately 320,000 kilometres, it shows a capacity of 83.8 kWh, which translates into a degradation of 10%, according to the calculations of the owner. A reference number, because the vehicle is loaded very often.

As you can see in the video, the interior is well estimated, although the steering wheel already shows signs of wear.

While driving, Kyle Conner heard no noise and the Tesla Model X was in excellent condition. Stick with the images below and see all the details. After all, it all depends on many factors, but this Tesla has shown that a 100% electric car can last for years and thousands of miles with the same motor and battery.

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