No Man’s Sky gets Stamina, new free update

No Man’s Sky received a new free update for PS4, PS5 and PSVR. Called Endurance, the update mainly focuses on ship customization improvements, where more options for freighter styling have been added.

With the patch, Hello Games introduces “a whole new dimension to using and enjoying your capital ship.” Check it out below:

“We’ve increased the ability to radically customize these huge ships to make them true space travel bases, complete with scanning rooms, stores, planters, refiners and extractors, to name a few. -ones.”

With Endurance, travelers will be able to “map and configure their cargo bases as they wish in a wide variety of styles with glass corridors, walkways (interior and exterior), and new hangar and bridge effects.” Additionally, No Man’s Sky will have a greater variety of asteroids in space.

Farming modules can now turn freighters into a sort of space farm. The ship’s glass doors will give players an unobstructed view of the landscape around them and it will be possible to add engineers, biologists and technicians to the crew. See all patch notes here.

No Man’s Sky is coming to PS VR2

No Man’s Sky already has versions for the latest PlayStation consoles, and will be on PS VR2. The virtual reality device is yet to be released, but the space exploration game, according to Hello Games, will be here once the gadget debuts. See!

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