Ministry of Health adds drug for osteoporosis treatment to SUS

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The drug acts quickly on the bone, inhibiting the imbalance between calcium reabsorption and bone remodeling.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

The Department of Health (MS) will include in the Unified Health System (SUS) drug list zoledronic acid, which is a drug used for the treatment of osteoporosis patients who have intolerance or difficulty swallowing to oral bisphosphonates. The decision was published this Thursday (21) in the Official Journal (DOU).

The incorporation of the drug responds to a recommendation of the National Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies (Conitec) of the MS. According to the recommendation, the drug should be offered to the population of the SUS within a maximum period of 180 days.
Osteoporosis affects bone metabolism, decreases bone mass and compromises the structure of tissues responsible for bone formation.

Disease It is the leading cause of fractures in people over 50. Usually, the disease has no symptoms and is only discovered from a fracture. The MS clinical protocol and treatment guidelines (PCDT) already make available in the SUS the use of vitamin D and calcium, raloxifene, conjugated estrogens, calcitonin (nasal spray), and oral bisphosphonates ( alendronate and risedronate) for the treatment of patients with osteoporosis.

According to Conitec, the incorporation of zoledronic acid is due, among other things, to its great ability to bind to mineralized bone. When administered, the drug acts rapidly on the bone, inhibiting the imbalance between calcium reabsorption and bone remodeling. It should be remembered that for treatment, in addition to medication, it is also necessary to eat a healthy diet and perform exercises that help strengthen bones.

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