Ok boomer: Roger Waters says “really more important” than Drake and The Weeknd


In a tense interview with the Canadian daily The Globe and Mail (G&M), Roger Waters expresses anger at the lack of coverage of his recent stint in Toronto, while expressing his contempt for some of today’s biggest artists.

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During his interview with reporter Brad Wheeler late last week, Waters asked him why the G&M hadn’t covered his two-concert series in Toronto the previous week.

“What’s fascinating about the fact that we’re talking to each other now is that none of the Toronto newspapers sent anyone to cover my shows,” said the 78-year-old man. “What I would like to know, what I’m thinking about, or you could even ask your readers, is if they have any theories that would explain.”

It’s safe to say the veteran rocker thinks the media didn’t cover him because of his committed political message, the sooner the reporter got the facts straight.

“I don’t like to hurt a good old conspiracy theory, plus your gig wasn’t the biggest in town that night. I shouldn’t be covering The Weeknd’s show.

At the cell, the musician replied that he “does not know who or what is The Weeknd”, because he “does not really listen to music”…

wheeler must read G&M did far less concert coverage than before, another reason no one covered Waters’ time in the “6”. Again, Waters responded with very little humility.

“I’m not trying to make personal attacks. I just find it strange. And by the way, with respect to Drake and The Weeknd and everyone else, I’m really, really, really more important than they’ll ever be, despite the billions of streams they’ve garnered.”

Perhaps Roger Waters’ music is less popular than it once was, plus he just added drones to his giant inflatable pig. Nobody can say that he is not a man of his time.

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