BMW introduces subscription for heated front seats

Currently, we already find a wide range of technologies inside cars, some of which may be unnecessary for some. BMW, for example, offered a subscription to ensure the seats are warm.

Customers aren’t particularly fond of the idea.


BMW now sells a subscription to control heated seats in several countries. It's not yet clear when and in which countries the manufacturer made the feature available, but, according to The Verge, several outlets have revealed they've seen it in South Korea.

Since 2020, the BMW introduced the feature and is now available from BMW Digital Stores in countries including the UK, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa.

Customers are not fans of this subscription

For The Verge, the lack of an automaker announcement is because when the microtransactions launched in 2020, which enabled an automatic high beam (AHB) system and adaptive cruise control, customers felt that the change was greedy.

The same source points out that manufacturers have always charged customers for premium features. However, BMW limits software rather than hardware. In fact, the automaker itself revealed that "hardware for the feature was already installed in the vehicle at the time of production."

front seats

Therefore, owners could take advantage of heated seats as their cars are hardware ready. However, BMW has blocked this possibility with software, for which it charges.

Other features that BMW associates with a subscription in the UK are, for example, a heated steering wheel ($12/month), the ability to record images via the car's camera ($235/unlimited) and the "IconicSounds Sport". lets you play engine sounds ($117/unlimited).

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