Centro POP and CERPAT carry out tests on the homeless population in Itabuna.

The population living on the streets and using the Specialized Reference Center for the Homeless (POP) of the Secretariat for Social Promotion and the Fight against Poverty (SEMPS), in Itabuna, was submitted this Thursday morning Monday 14 to rapid tests for the detection of hepatitis B and C.

This action was made available thanks to a partnership with the Reference Center for Prevention, Assistance and Treatment (CERPAT), of the Municipal Health Directorate, which mobilized technicians and the equipment necessary for the vaccination of people .

According to CERPAT coordinator Fernanda Barros, around 90 people, including homeless people and employees of the POP Center, underwent the test. The campaign is part of the Yellow July program.

“We are in yellow July, the month for the fight against viral hepatitis. Today, we work with a specific population. In addition to the tests, we also took the opportunity to update the vaccination of these people against Hepatitis”, informs Fernanda Barros.

On this occasion, tests were also made available to detect HIV and syphilis, in addition to distributing intimate condoms (male and female) to the homeless. The coordinator of the POP Center, Ricardo Portugal, stresses the importance of this partnership with CERPAT.

“The homeless population is extremely vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, as they are a heterogeneous group characterized by lack of home, family ties and vulnerabilities in several areas. For this reason, it is very important to identify these carriers to stop the cycle of transmission,” he said.
Department of Social Communication
Itabuna Town Hall

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