[EN IMAGES] FEQ: A public on fire for Marshmello

With his lasers, visual effects, his hits, big sound and rumbling low frequencies that shot through the bodies, Marshmello won over a fired audience yesterday during his visit to the Plains.

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The audience, who are familiar with the artist’s repertoire, had a royal blast to the sound of often syncopated rhythms powerfully deployed by the man with the marshmallow head.

The 30-year-old DJ from Philadelphia showed up on stage around 10:15 p.m. with footage of him performing a spacewalk, dressed in an astronaut costume.

In two strokes, three movements, jets of smoke and an explosion of confetti were launched. It was off for a good hour and a half of electro and space delivered at high intensity and in a spectacular way.

“Are you ready, Quebec?” Marshmello in the distribution of one and the other, returning to the source of the structure of the instruments of work were installed.

during In time, fans were hopping solidly on the Plains. pendant here with mepeople sang, just like during the success Happier and at other times. Marshmello managed, throughout the evening, to maintain an energy level of 10.

Like any good self-respecting DJ, Christopher Comstock provokes adrenaline rushes with extracts, among others, from army of seven countries white stripes, We like to party Vengaboys and Smells like Teen Spirit of Nirvana.

He abandoned, in the final portion of his show, the syncopated rhythms, which were beginning to be a little plump, with a good version of numbsingle that he launched in June, Be kind with the voice of Halsey and eat and go. It felt good, after all the racket, to hear some sustained melodies before it ended with the explosion of a series of firecrackers.

With me, tradition dictates that during this electro party, beach items were plentiful in the crowd: multicolored pool noodles, beach balls, flying sharks and… a male inflatable doll.

olive tree on fire

It’s all well and good, the flames, the smoke, the laser beams, more, to be pleasant, electro evenings must first and foremost consist of good Beats.

[EN IMAGES]    FEQ: A public on fire for Marshmello

Photo courtesy, Stéphane Bourgeois

What Oliver Heldens understood before the arrival of Marshmello. good Beatshe had a large amount of it in his computer.

The DJ from the Netherlands leans his single koala with a few bars of Madonna, a version ofI was made to love you of Kiss and The freak de Chic, creating a supercharged club atmosphere. He set the Plains on fire. It even danced in the corporate tents and in the VIP area. It’s good to say. That could be.

We even got a remixed and faster version ofAnother brick in the wall part 2 by Pink Floyd, A nice story of Fugain and its Big Bazaar and disenchanted by Mylène Farmer to put an end to her performance. What more… Oliver Heldens was impeccable on the Plains.

“You are amazing. I love you, Quebec! he launched, behind his equipment. Let’s say the 27-year-old DJ from Rotterdam is expecting the bar high for Marshmello.

His home

[EN IMAGES]    FEQ: A public on fire for Marshmello

Photo courtesy, Stéphane Bourgeois

Known under the name of Millimetrik, Pascal Asselin, DJ from Quebec City, experienced an immense moment when he performed on the big stage of the Plains, at the stroke of 7 p.m., to launch the evening.

Intense, epic and memorable are the three words that came out of his mouth when asked to sum up his 35-minute stint on the boards.

“I had often dreamed of performing on the Plains, telling myself that it couldn’t be done and that I was too small for that,” he said in a backstage interview after his performance. .

Millimetrik had already bought a pass for the Festival when the director of programming, Louis Bellavance, offered him to attend this evening.

“I didn’t want to miss Rage against the Machine,” he said, now wishing that was possible.

Accompanied by drummer Jean-Michel Perrier and two dancers, Millimetrik offered several tracks from his album Sun-drenched, launched last year. Dominic Pelletier and Liana Bureau came to sing a few titles in front of a good crowd, the biggest of her career.

“It’s our home here. You have no idea how good it feels to be in your city and on this fucking stage there”, he launched at the beginning of his visit to the boards.

We could see a Quebec flag in front of the stage and on a felt a beautiful vibe set up during The child of fire.

Millimetrik began his performance with lots of drums and electronic percussion. A nod to his past as a drummer. What gave a summer entry, dynamic and with big sound.

“I have all kinds of thoughts preparing for this show. I chose to go with my color and be myself. What I do is lighter house with percussion. 10 or 15 years ago, when I was younger, I would have done like everyone else. I’m not saying this to brag, but I’ve been incorporating drum sounds into my music for 10 years. I believe in it,” he said.

With the cancellation of Australian Alison Wonderland’s performance due to illness, fans of Beats are entitled to Oliver Lee and James Carter, from the British duo Snakehips.

On the recognized Celebrate (here here) of DMX, september of Earth Wind and Fire and the achievements Do not go and All my friends.

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