The 200th set of Airbus A330neo nacelles is delivered

Image: Safran Group

The 200th set of nacelles that will equip an Airbus A330neo has just been delivered by Safran Nacelles to the assembly line, marking a new stage for this driving element for which the company is responsible for design, integration and support. in service.

For Safran Nacelles, this delivery, which will equip a Virgin Atlantic A330neo, marks the resumption of production volumes for the long-haul aircraft nacelle program after the impacts of the pandemic. The delivery of the 100th nacelle took place in September 2019, for an Azul Linhas Aéreas aircraft.

Image: Safran Group

The A330neo nacelles benefit from Safran Nacelles’ expertise in aerodynamics and are lightweight thanks to the use of composite materials. It also reduces engine noise with improved acoustic treatment.

With its outside diameter of 3.65 metres, the nacelle of the A330neo is as wide as that of the A380, the enormous four-engine twin-deck, for which Safran Nacelles also bears full responsibility.

The delivery of our 200th nacelle is a sign of an upturn in the nacelle production volume index for long-haul aircraft. Today, our teams, in the factories and beyond, are proud to deliver this product, especially after the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on this program. This step demonstrates our commitment and our desire to position ourselves in this market segment. Airbus and airlines can count on Safran Nacelles to support them in relaunching air transport.”said Vincent Caro, President of Safran Nacelles.

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