Alicia Moffet is in shock on the FEQ 2022 stage: “I’m holding myself tight so as not to cry”

Quebecer Alicia Moffet was one of the female artists who had been invited to the Festival d’été de Québec to warm up the crowd before the arrival of the popular Californian group Maroon 5.

She is visibly captivated by the vastness of the crowd gathered on the Plains of Abraham. It must be said that 70,000 people is quite impressive! ” I hold myself tight so as not to cry “, she launches, before the spectators chant his name in a single cry of joy. Over the course of his performance, he ceased to evoke his amazement: ” It’s awful! », « Oh meu deus! », « It’s crazy “, she repeated constantly between her songs.

On stage, the young woman was accompanied by two dancers and four musicians. If the first group of the evening, the Ontarians Dizzy, did not manage to excite the crowd as it should, Alicia Moffet awaits the energy and theenthusiasm needed to get the party started properly. She performed several pieces from her first studio album, launches in the midst of a pandemic, billie avenue as well as his collaboration with Shaun Frank, entitled “On Your Mind” and his most recent single, “Lullaby”. Besides, understand the tens of thousands of spectators singing in chorus “Fuck you” was a strange experience, but highly enjoyable.

Although she was only on stage for 45 minutes, Alicia Moffet took care of her audience, worrying about the civilians passing in front of the stage. It’s not for nothing that his audience loves him so much. And, it must be said, we were also completely charmed by this talented and luminous original artist from the Quebec region.

We appreciate that the Festival d’été allows certain Quebec artists, such as Alicia Moffet this Saturday and Matt Lang the day beforeas a performer before big stars of international renown.

Here are the songs performed by Alicia Moffet at FEQ 2022:

  • high body
  • Take control
  • your knife
  • open up
  • hard feeling
  • If I fall
  • foreigners
  • In your mind
  • run towards you
  • beautiful scar
  • lullaby

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