Kylie Jenner denies accusations of a TikTokeur who delivered food to her

Kylie Jenner in I have no choice but to deny the allegations of a TikTokeur who claims to have been underpaid by releasing a food order to her.

Indeed, the name of Pablo Tomayo, 20, who still has 400,000 subscribers on the social network, published a video a few days ago in which he depicts himself delivering a packet of pepperoni to the reality TV star via the Instacart app.

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In his video, he claims to have purchased the package from an Erewhon store in West Hollywood for $12.

“That bitch could have paid me more,” he says in his video. “It’s in Ashton’s name, so I’m guessing it’s for his assistant or something.”

After which Pablo Tomayo would have been invited to enter the property of Kylie Jenner to deposit the delivery, noting in particular the presence of an alley under which transmitted “a chance of river”.

To find out more about the Kylie Jenner believer, who posted a video of him on the train making a pepperoni sandwich for Travis Scott, Pablo Tomayo never came before him.

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“No one comes through the door,” she exclaimed in a since-deleted post more posted by AND! new.

” River ? “There is no river. I didn’t order this myself! And he got a tip through the app. He also lied about looking through my windows and hearing my son cry.

A scandal that does not seem to have moved Internet users much, much more eager to know the recipe for the sandwich prepared by Kylie Jenner.

“The recipe is coming soon lol,” she reads, finally answered with a touch of humor.

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