Jérémy Gabriel sends a powerful message in the midst of Quebec humor

On Monday, many were shocked to learn that two years after being accused of sexually assaulting a number of women, fallen comedian Julien Lacroix would soon be back on stage to record a podcast.

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Among those affected by the new figure Jérémy Gabriel.

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In a story posted on his Instagram account, the singer shared a screenshot of an article announcing Lacroix’s comeback attempt, followed by a message in the fanl he is scorching the Quebec humor community.

“In Quebec, comedians are a privileged class. Above all responsibilities and above the rest of society.

“Millionaire bullies and muggers that the weaker minds among us worship.”

For those who have forgotten, Jérémy Gabriel was involved in a very long and arduous legal fight opposing him to comedian Mike Ward.

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I finish my message in a bra dress to those denounced by Julien Lacroix.

“I am wholeheartedly with the victims of Julien Lacroix and hope one day that they will repair.”

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