Qilin: the new battery charges to 80% in 10 minutes, with a range of 1000 km

A new battery will significantly shorten the charging time of the electric car. Energy density is essential.

the moment of Loading continues to be cause for hesitation for some people when considering buying a Electric car.

However, from China comes a new drums which can mark an important step forward on this fundamental question.

CATL, which supplies equipment to the “giants” Tesla and Volkswagen, has developed a new battery, the Qilin, which recovers 80% car battery in 10 minutesat fast charging stations.

A speed based on a new cell cooling system, whose heat exchange power is four times greater than that of the previous generation. There will be more energy exchange in less time (and no risk of overheating).

In addition, Qilin will extend the autonomy of the car, which can circulate for 1000 kilometers no charging required.

The figures published by Sports car add that the big change in this battery is the energy density: 255 Wh/kg. That’s more than 25% more than the usual densities of 200 Wh/kg.

This higher energy density is the basis for a range of 1,000 kilometers – however, as we know, this “resistance” depends on who is driving. Speed, driving style, most popular routes: everything affects expenses, such as fuel.

In this Chinese innovation, about 72% of the cell is dedicated solely to the battery – a considerable increase, considering that in the first generation of this battery the percentage was around 50%.

The first batteries of this type should begin to be implemented in electric cars at the beginning of next year.

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