Land of the Blind takes us dismantling bombs

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Independent studios Bnayat Games, from Poland, have announced their next project they are currently working on: Shockwave: Land of the Blind.

This is a simulator in which the player is an expert (or not!) in dismantling bombs. Come see…

"There are 43 ways to detonate a bomb! There are 176 ways to die from this same bomb!So begins the trailer for Shockwave: Land of the Blind, a game that simulates the arduous and laborious task of dismantling (or not) pipe bombs.

It's a game that, as in reality, represents a race against time to dismantle explosive devices that can be detonated at any time.

Shockwave: Land of the Blind, which features a first-person perspective, is set in Syria and tells the story of Jerome Kowalsky, a former army sapper.

Thanks to his knowledge of mines and traps, Jérôme is hired by a peaceful organization as a specialist in the dismantling of bombs and explosive devices and finds himself accompanying a foreign emissary in the city of Aleppo. The city is in ruins and without any kind of law or order, being a trap for the innocent people who live there.

However, another threat looms in the air, in the form of a local bomber determined to inflict even more casualties with its explosive devices. Jérôme intervenes with the aim of dismantling these explosive devices and preventing further carnage.

Shockwave: Land of the Blind strongly emphasizes the information (intelligence) gathering phase and suggests stealth gameplay. The game will work in the form of missions which have multiple paths to complete and also present multiple levels of challenge within each of them.

The player will also have to rely on the additional challenge of not having aids common in other games, such as the existence of a minimap. Jérôme counts only on himself and the player will also feel it in his skin.

Each of the missions will present a different challenge, and before embarking on it is up to the player to decide which equipment and tools are best to take with them. However, the volume and weight of the equipment we carry are limited, so choices will have to be considered.

For example, should a device be extracted that is too dangerous to explode on the spot? If so, you can take a sapper robot. Or do you need to dismantle anti-personnel mines? So there, it will be better to take a metal detector or a radar on the ground.

Equipped with a sophisticated bomb suit, the player will depend on his equipment and Jerome's skills to complete his missions. It will be a race against time and moments of high pressure are expected.

An interesting detail was the fact that, in order to guarantee as much authenticity as possible, the Bnayat Games team worked and collected the advice of former professionals from GROM, a special force of the Polish army.

Shockwave: Land of the Blind will be released on PC (via Steam) in early 2023.

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