See what these 24 Quebec youtubers looked like when they started

The famous YouTube video sharing site is 17 years old: it is almost of age! Many of your Quebec content creators made their debut on this platform a long time ago.

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It takes courage to decide to start, and for many, it was a very good bet. If you dive back into their first videos it’s quite a game, they changed so much afterwards!

In this video, find out what 24 of your favorite Quebec youtubers looked like when they started out and where they are now.

1. Lysandre Nadeau


Lysandre Nadeau’s first video appeared on the 1uh February 2010. She and Congratulated Marianne Verville for the role of Aurélie Laflamme. Too cute! Now, Lysandre continues to make us laugh, think, react and travel on social networks with her accounts and the podcast oral sex, let him agree. Her last video was over a year ago.

2. PL Cloutier


PL hit YouTube nine years ago with a video of the worst things he’s heard traveling down south. A legend was born! After a break, PL resumed the videos and is still active on the platform as well as on Instagram. He was a participant in season 2 of Big Brother Celebrities.

3. Cynthia Dulude


A young blonde Cynthia, in her kitchen at the time and with the sound of her old device, began her adventure on YouTube in 2011. She has been a makeup reference in Quebec since and continues to create content on her channel and other social networks.

4. Chrystine and Vanessa, aka 2FillesOrdinaires


In 2015, two sisters described as “ordinary” decided to start a YouTube channel together. A few years later, the endearing Chrystine and Vanessa are still creating content on YouTube, still making us laugh to tears and inspiring us! They also have the account fishy foodwhich gives the mouth water and sometimes makes us doubt the culinary novelties.

5. Cassandra Bouchard


It was in 2017 that Cassandra introduced herself unrestrained to the world of YouTube. The first video available is a list of facts about her. We can already see his personality exploded. Even today, Cassandra creates content to divert us and make us think, sometimes through her own points of view, sometimes through testimonials.

6. Cam Tall Brunette


Camille made YouTube videos after 2012. At first, she did make-up tutorials. Ten years later, she still lives by this passion for sharing. She brings us into her life, brings discussions and reflections, and collects testimonies in her podcast To Camera.

7. Fred Bastien


Fred Bastien, spouse of Cam Grande Brune, acts after 2014 on the video platform. He publishes varied entertaining content defending his various passions. He continues today to make us laugh and to share his discoveries with us.

8. GirlyAddict (Catherine Francoeur)


His first channel was devoted to beauty advice and tests. Catherine’s content – ​​her channel now bears her name – has evolved to come today from sharing the daily life of the one who has been a mother since 2022 with her spouse, the one behind the Technofou channel!

9. Marianne Plaisance


Marianne Plaisance was first on YouTube with her friend Gabrielle. Together they formed 2and skin after 2014. They approach, on YouTube and in a blog, fashion, way of life and friendship. After five years of creating content together, Gabrielle decided to make her way in a different direction. Afterwards, he continues to create, innovate and inspire us with his DIYhis colorful universe and his projects.

10. Claudia Mercier


In 2018, Claudie’s first video is a parody ofDoubled occupation in Greece! A year extra later, she was known on a larger scale with Double occupancy in South Africa. Then, we like to follow her for her videos without taboos, her sense of humor and her daily life.

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11. Victoria Charlton


The quebecoise of the reign true crime is active on YouTube after more than five years, on his channel. Even today, he devotes himself to stories of crimes, disappearances and mysteries of the paranormal.

12. Lucie Rheaume


Lucie’s first available video is a Questions and answers for discovery learning. Lucie has never stopped presenting content that she is passionate about. Travel, fashion, her daily life as an entrepreneur, collaborations, everything is well put together on her channel with 172,000 subscribers.

13. Emma Green


fashion, decoration, way of life, Emma has been sharing content related to her passions for about 10 years. She wrote books and designed school materials daughter, and she continues to draw us into her universe.

14. Cindy Cournoyer


Cindy’s first video was six years ago. It was a presentation of her for people to refer to know her. Today, few people don’t know who Cindy Cournoyer is in Quebec! Content creator, entrepreneur with Lucie Rhéaume and seasoned influencer, she continues to take us into her daily life.

15. Emma Bosse


Emma was one of the first youtubers to roll her bump in Quebec. She turned to tarot, divinatory art and astrology. She regularly publishes on various platforms, including YouTube, her first love.

16. Amelie Barbeau


Ten years of content for designer Amélie Barbeau. This is what she celebrated six months ago, in the last video she published before ending the YouTube adventure for good. For 10 years, we have been able to follow its DIY, its tests, its creations and its recommendations. Amélie continues to be active on Instagram.

17. Jessie Gelinas


It’s a look book summer of 2014 that introduced Jessie to the world of YouTube content creation. Her aesthetic has changed a lot in the last eight years, the more Jessie continues to share bits of her daily life and her passions.

18. Florence Lavoie


11 years ago, Flo99 and his friend wanted to win a contest for Justin Bieber’s 3D movie. For the rest, a chain was born! Florence shares her daily life and her passions. Even today, she is widely followed on her platforms.

19. Gabrielle Marion


Gabrielle Marion’s “lifestyle” type channel exists after more than 14 years, with some rather blurry cellphone videos. It’s rather incredible to see the inspiring journey of Gabrielle, who has engaged her subscribers since the very beginning and who continues today to make us laugh and reflect, and to open up horizons.

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20. Marie Gagne


Marie Gagné, funny and relevant with her content on sexuality and the LGBTQ+ community, has been on YouTube since 2012.

21. Karo Desorcy


Karo presents the day after 2013. She shares her daily life with her community, laughs and also shares thoughts. She is still very active today.

22. Marc Fitt


Marc Fitt’s first video dates back to 2011. Fitness, motivation, he navigates in this area after the creation of his channel, and it continues today.

23. Elisabeth Rioux


Elisabeth has been creating content for over six years. Travel, anecdotes, daily life, the designer told us everywhere with her. We still follow her closely today and we love boarding in everything she does.

24. Mahdi Ba


Active after 2012 on YouTube, Mahdi is now followed around the world. He continues to roll his bump on the networks today.

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