A strong odor may indicate cervical cancer. Know other signs

O Cervical cancer It is one of the most frequent malignant tumors in the female population. Although treatments have a good chance of success, this type of cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death among women in Brazil. Lethality is linked to late diagnosis, so It is important to carry out periodic examinations and pay attention to the body’s signals for possible symptom investigations.

Among the signs that can indicate this type of cancer are changes in the vaginal secretion. Changes in color, texture and consistency should be reported to the physician or accompanying physician. According to experts from British Institute for Cancer Researchvery smelly discharge and pelvic pain should also be looked for.

Know other symptoms of the disease in women:

  • abnormal vaginal bleeding;
  • pain or discomfort during intercourse;
  • abdominal pain;
  • pain when urinating.

According National Cancer Institute (Inca)cervical cancer is expected to affect 16,710 women per year, with 6,627 deaths.

Diagnosis and prevention

Factors that increase the risk of cervical cancer include smoking, unprotected sex, and long-term use of birth control pills.

It should be remembered that the Ministry of Health provides the vaccine against HPV – the main cause of cervical cancer – as a form of prevention against certain types of virus.

Cervical cancer can affect women of all ages, although it is rarer in women under 25. For early detection of the disease, it is important to consult a gynecologist and perform periodic pap smears.


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