‘Luva de Pedreiro’ agent turned down offer to campaign with Cristiano Ronaldo

The situation involving influencer Iran Ferreira, better known as “Luva de Pedreiro”, and former entrepreneur Allan Jesus continues to be talked about. After the information that, despite the various advertising campaigns, the the young Brazilian had only 2700 thousand euros in his accounts, this Friday the ‘Metrópoles’ portal reveals that the same businessman will have refused an agreement that could give the influencer the possibility of campaigning with Cristiano Ronaldo. According to the information provided, Allan Jesus was approached by Unilever, in order to convince the ‘Glova de Pedreiro’ to appear in a campaign for Clear Men, the famous shampoo that CR7 faces. The idea, it seems, would be to combine the two in the same campaign, something which, in addition to being worth a considerable financial income, could give an even greater international project to a name which, at the moment currently has more than 15 million followers on social networks. But the deal refused to Unilever was not unique. The same source says he is aware of the denials granted to Nike, in a possible agreement which would aim to give face to a campaign of the Brazilian team for the 2022 World Cup, but also of a famous chain of sports products (Centauro), that he intended to hire the “Pedreiro glove” for a major project to promote the Champions League and the 2022 World Cup.

Another data revealed that the generated strangeness was an alleged conversation between Xandão, the defense of Chapecoense, and the influencer on social networks. The player was available to send a Chapecó team shirt, asked for the shipping address and the youngster said he didn’t know his own address. The suspicion is that this message was sent by the businessman, who would have tried to prevent the arrival of the gift, as had happened in other cases.

The businessman defended himself

Named villain in this story, businessman Allan Jesus came to defend himself on social networks. She assures that nothing has been stolen from the influencer and that the payments of the agreements already concluded, namely that of Amazon, will not begin to be made until July. “Our advertising contracts amount to 360 thousand euros and no payment has been made. They will all be made from July 2022”, he guaranteed.

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