Jean-Philippe Dion talks about the end of the Artis Gala and launches a cry from the heart for culture

Jean-Philippe Dion issues a cry from the heart for the public to ensure the survival of Quebec culture following the announcement of the end of the Gala Artis.

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Yesterday, Tuesday, the end of the Artis evening was announced, which was broadcast after 1986, then called Gala MetroStar, on TVA. The producer and host, who produced and even hosted the gala twice, wrote a note to pay tribute to this award-winning evening that marked Quebec.

“The artistic evening take his bow forever. It’s sad. It is a part of the history of our small screen, the reflection of the vitality of our Quebec television and of the star-system which emanates from it. As far as I can remember, I was there in front of my TV watching this big party, telling myself that one day I would like to attend, ”he wrote at the start of his publication.

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In fact, the producer of star academy to purify his dream by hosting the gala a few times and he is lucky to see the importance of a gala like this up close, because he hosted two with Maripier Morin. He could see that this televised event touched more than a million Quebecers, even in his last years.

Joel Lemay / QMI Agency

Sébastien St-Jean / QMI Agency

Sébastien St-Jean / QMI Agency

“With Maripier Morinnow I have the chance to animate 2 (and a 3and was on the way before the damn pandemic). It was the most stressful contract of my life. Available a thunder team. In the galas were seen by more than 1.7 million people. It’s a lot of people, ”he continues.

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cell who animates true nature emphasizes the importance of a gala such as the Artis evening. He says he understands the reasons “to allow the network to want to move on”, more still wishes that collectively, we find a “way to underline the love of the public for the members of our industry”. He believes this is a way of “not letting our culture fade away”.

The comments under his post are mixed: some subscribers agree with him, and others believe that it was the end of this era for the public.

On a more positive note, remember thatjoined the fifth season has been announced to pay true nature on TVA.

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