“Mayweather is bankrupt, he probably spent it all on the women” – Combat Sports

Youtuber Jake Paul says boxer squandered his fortune and is broke

Jake Paul, brother of Logan Paul (youtuber and boxer), guarantees that Floyd Mayweather is broke. “Mayweather is bankrupt. I’ve been saying that for a while. He probably spent it all on the women he pays to be with him,” the YouTuber also said in an interview. The statements come just days after Logan Paul said Mayweather owed him money for a fight. “It’s been a year since I faced Floyd Mayweather. It’s hard to hit him, but it’s even harder to get him to pay money. Who should he fight if he continues like this?”

Undefeated for 50 fights and six-time world champion, Mayweather, 45, will have earned 1,100 million dollars during his career, between professional fights, exhibitions and investments. “Talking about money doesn’t make me a bad person. I like having the finer things in life, money doesn’t make me who I am, I make money,” the boxer said. last year.

In 2019 he denied having bought friends with money, but already sex… “For me nothing is free, I don’t even have free sex. Either I pay her or I pay .”

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