THE BALL – Luís Castro, sent off at the start of the torrid game, talks about a “complex” day (Botafogo)

After a match with many controversial decisions, a confusion between the players at the end and Botafogo winning 3-2 against Internacional after losing 0-2, Luís Castro, who was sent off, criticized the referee’s decisions Savio Pereira Sampaio.

“It was one of the most complex days of my coaching career. In my opinion, the sanction was non-existent [1-0 para o Internacional aos 9 minutos]. And before the second goal, there should have been a corner for Botafogo. Arbitration must always be a pacifying agent of the game and not an agent that potentiates all the evil that is in the game. And I think there has been a confusion of criteria that has harmed our team”, analyzed Luís Castro, expelled from the first minutes during the questioning of the penalty.

“We must not live by the result, but by our conscience. Usually the referees call the players to give cards. I found that very strange. I was expelled with the referee 30 meters from me, without even knowing why, without having a word, without a simple explanation. But, that’s it, let’s move on,” said Luís Castro.

Botafogo now ranks seventh: “It does not reassure you, because I know that the balance of the seasons is done at the end. Therefore, I will never be rested. This game for me is nothing but a game that went down in history.

Fluminense follows: “Do you think I can talk about Fluminense now? (Laughs). After all this blow we took, the goals disallowed on both sides, it was so… but for the game against Fluminense we have a lot of losses, it’s going to be a very difficult week.”

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