The 2nd edition of the Cidadão Cibersocial e-learning course starts today

The National Cybersecurity Center has developed the Cibersocial Citizen course in order to promote good practices in the use of social networks.

The use of social networks as a form of communication has increased exponentially in recent years, but this use carries certain risks. In this sense, it is necessary to improve the cybersecurity of accounts and help guarantee the privacy of its users.

Given the situation described above, The 2nd edition of the Cibersocial Citizen e-learning training has been created, it starts today and will allow its trainees to learn about social networks and the associated risks, as well as good practices to mitigate these risks.

It is an interactive and attractive course, aimed at all people who use social networks or want to know this world better.

This course alerts you to the care that must be taken in its use, raising awareness of the best choices and avoiding unnecessary exposure to certain threats that take advantage of social networks to proliferate.

The course, recommended for young people aged 14 and over, guarantees a certificate of completion after completing all modules. This certificate is downloadable, and for that it is enough to answer all the activities with a minimum percentage of 75% of correct options.

Interested persons can secure their registration now at: .

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