Daily, second part of June 17, 2022 with Gilles Bouleau and Benjamin Biolay – Daily

On the program for the replay of the second part of the Daily weekend of June 17, 2022: in at 8:15 p.m. Express, Paul Gasnier went to meet François Bayrou and Edouard Philippe, the new two best friends of French politics . Gilles Bouleau celebrates his tenth anniversary at the head of the 20-hour newscast of TF1 on the Quotidien set. The singer Benjamin Biolay is also present to interpret “Rends l’amour”, a song from his tenth album “Saint Clair” released in September 2022. Then, Jeanna Castetbon sums up the news in silence, Anne Depétrini explains to us how summer went from something ultra cool to something ultra glaucous, Marc Beaugé returns to the fashion detail of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, while our Mondaine Clémence Majani invites herself to the gala of the Good Fairies of the Misses.

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