Russia will produce cars without ABS, airbags and other security systems. And already changed the regulations

Experts believe that this decision represents the Kremlin’s desire to demonstrate to the world that the sanctions imposed by the West are not enough to stop Russian aspirations.

Russia will produce vehicles without airbags and without ABS due to the sanctions applied by the West, which result in the lack of specific components.

In question, the production of Avtovaz, one of the largest car factories in the country, which belonged to the French group Renault. after the announcement of departure from the countrythe Russian authorities have revealed that they will restart production of the Soviet brand Lada.

However, the brand had a rocky start to production, having seen several key components out of reach due to sanctions. Among them are important safety mechanisms such as airbags or ABS, but not only. The electronic stability control program and the emergency system used in the seat belts also had to be abandoned.

In order not to leave the factory’s more than 60,000 workers unemployed, Moscow wasted no time and decided to end several regulations requiring car manufacturers to respect safety measures. In addition, the vehicle will not meet carbon emission standards.

Quoted by the American television channel NBC News, the president of the car safety standards body Global New Car Assessment Program says that this process is “very sad” because it represents “a step backwards” in car development. , particularly in relation to a brand. as “iconic” as Lada.

For political experts, this decision represents a desire on the part of the Kremlin to demonstrate to the world that sanctions are not enough to stop Russian aspirations.

“This clearly indicates a willingness on the part of the Russian government to sacrifice quality and safety of goods in the name of invading Ukraine. To their domestic and foreign audiences, they want to show that the sanctions have no effect. impact,” says Jeffrey Edmonds, a former member of the U.S. National Security Council.

We recall that in May, Renault announced that it was going to sell its stake in the Russian car manufacturer Avtovaz for a symbolic amount. However, the French company has left the door open for a potential return, with a six-year buyout option.

The 67.69% that the French company held in Avtovaz, now sold to the Russian Central Institute for Research and Development of Automobiles and Engines, was valued at 2.2 billion euros.

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