THE BALL – The Warriors beat the Celtics and are one victory away from the title (NBA)

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The Golden State Warriors have proven their strengths go beyond Stephen Curry. Yesterday morning they beat the Boston Celtics, 104-94, in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, in San Francisco they are ahead in the series for the first time (3-2) and one victory away from winning the title .

The Warriors started dominant, with a strong defense, and it wasn’t until the third period that the visitors showed an air of grace and took the lead.

In the fourth period, the men of the house maintained their solidity and took the victory. Andrew Wiggins, with 26 points and 13 rebounds, was the highlight of the evening.

The Celtics haven’t lost consecutive games since March 28-30, still in the regular season. Now they need a victory in Game 6 next Thursday in Boston to make the Black Sunday decision again in San Francisco. Otherwise, the Warriors will be champions for the fourth time in six Finals in the past eight years.

final program

Game 1: Warriors – Celtics, 108-120 (0-1)
Game 2: Warriors – Celtics, 107-88 (1-1)
Game 3: Celtics – Warriors, 116-100 (2-1)
Game 4: Celtics – Warriors, 97-107 (2-2)
Game 5: Warriors-Celtics, 104-94
Game 6: Celtics-Warriors, early morning June 17

If necessary:
Game 7: Warriors-Celtics, early morning June 20

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