TikTok strengthens measures to reduce dependence on the social network

Concerned about the well-being of its community, the social network TikTok recently announced a new set of measures to limit the time spent on its application. The goal is for users to develop positive digital habits.

After the establishment of daily limits for the use of the TikTok application, the social network will now make it possible to define intervals of use. All this so that users feel in control of the time spent daily consuming the content of this social network.

TikTok wants you to take breaks from using its app

With an implementation planned in the coming weeks, TikTok users will be able and will have to limit themselves to using this social network. For this, an interval function will be implemented.


This novelty will send users notifications or reminders to take a break from consuming the social network. Such alerts will be sent by the TikTok app as soon as a time limit for uninterrupted use is exceeded.

Limits for continued use of TikTok will be set by users themselves in the app settings. Indeed, they will define the rules they must follow to reduce their dependence on the social network.

Your choices must be made consciously and with your own well-being as a priority. To this end, the TikTok application offers a control panel where you will have detailed information about your application usage habits.


There you can find metrics on daily time spent on TikTok, how many times you opened the app in a day, or even a summary of the day and night of content consumption. Additionally, the user can be notified weekly to review these metrics.

For young people aged 13 to 17, the social network will set up a new alert system to reduce their dependence. If that group spends more than 100 minutes per day on the app, the next time they open it, they’ll be notified that there’s a tool to limit app usage.

In summary, TikTok cares about the well-being of its users and, for this, wants moderate use of its application. It will now be up to users to take advantage of the tools available to them to improve their mental and physical health.

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