A scientist produces his first love potion in the laboratory

Another unprecedented scientific feat by Oxford University biomedical scientist, Sophie Ward, which produced a love potion scientifically proven. To accomplish the feat, the scientist, in collaboration with a specialized team of anthropologists and historians, conducted an in-depth study.

Love potion scientifically proven by scientists (Pixibay Image)

According to Anna Machin, an evolutionary anthropologist from the University of Oxford, “Humans are an incredibly cooperative species, not because we love each other, but because we have to survive.”

Participation in the radio program of the BBC News, she also explained that human beings develop complex social networks involving love for family, friends, animals, among other beings. For the specialist, three bases are fundamental to build these connections:

  • To survive;
  • Endure, find food, build shelter, learn a lot of information;
  • Raising our incredibly dependent children.

But the anthropologist confessed that living with people is not an easy task. “People are sometimes not very nice. They lie, cheat and steal,” he explained.


“First of all, you have to exist in a very strict hierarchy, which means you spend a lot of time watching where other people are. So, at the most basic level, love is a bribe biological formality that evolution has created to ensure that we start, then invest and nurture the relationships we need to survive. added Anna, who to create the potion combined biology and chemistry.

But after all, what ingredients were used for the love formula?

Experts have explained that four chemicals are responsible for love, they are:

oxytocin: the most studied of all and its action reduces the inhibition to start a relationship. It calms the fear center of the brain, the so-called amygdala.

“When you start a relationship, at that moment when you feel attracted to someone, oxytocin and dopamine are released, which are very important at this stage,” he explains.

dopamine: it is the body’s chemical reward and when released by the body, it is the “fuel” that drives the person to take certain initiatives. Oxytocin is amazing, but if released on its own, it can make you feel so relaxed that you can’t do anything.”

Serotonin: Known as the substance of happiness which involves mood, appetite, sleep, among others.

“At the beginning of a relationship, you’re just obsessed: you constantly talk about this person, you want to be with them all the time. Even in a long-term relationship, you have to be vaguely obsessed with your partner to bother to coordinate their day with them or ask them how they are doing.

But Anna says another substance is important for integrating these components: Human love can last for decades, and oxytocin and dopamine are great, but we become tolerant of them and their effects don’t last long. We need something more.

Endorphin: considered for the study the principal who makes the link which sustains the love.

“When you interact with someone you love – you touch them, you laugh, you hug them – you get a huge dose of beta-endorphins and you feel euphoria, warmth, joy , security… this feeling of being in love. And then, when you move away from it, you feel a withdrawal syndrome, which forces you to come back to satisfy this irresistible urge. Explain.

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