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Rosalie Vaillancourt, Erich Preach, Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais and Kevin Hart were top billing at the upcoming Just for Laughs and Just for Laughs festivals. pour son 40and anniversary, from July 13 to 31, the big comedy event is doing things big and expanding its territory.

Posted on June 8

Marissa Groguhe

Marissa Groguhe
The Press

While the indoor shows have been unveiled in recent weeks, the Just for Laughs (JPR) family fought back on Wednesday to announce the outdoor lineup. More than 250 shows will be offered this summer to Montrealers and visitors, including dozens free in the streets of the city.

Just to keep spreading its tentacles, and the festivities this year will extend from the Quartier des Spectacles to the Esplanade PVM of Place Ville Marie to Saint-Denis Street.

The outdoor shows will also be launched with the evening fury, hosted by Élyse Marquis. Matthieu Pepper, Silvi Tourigny, Stéphane Fallu, Ève Côté, Jean-Thomas Jobin, Pierre-Luc Pomerleau, Michelle Desrochers, Christine Morency and Barbada will take part in the game.

The fabulous destiny of Erich Preach, an evening presented by the latter, will bring together Mike Beaudoin, Rachelle Elie, Garihanna, Jean-Louis, Imposs, Dave Morgan, Daniel Tirado and Urban Science Brass Band. To highlight its four decades of activity, JPR will offer the tribute show 40 years of real fun! The show directed by Alex Perron, featuring dancers and performers, will take place every evening from July 21 to 30.

More than ever, Just for Risore presents “exclusive programs”, recalled Patrick Rozon, vice-president of French-language content for the Just for Risore Group. Festival content is often found nowhere else. If there were “two or three exclusive creations in recent years”, the shows are “100% original”, affirmed the big boss of programming at The Press.

They only make them in Montreal. It is necessary for our survival. We absolutely want to have this creativity, plus also create great shows.

Patrick Rozon

Also on the program, the quiz Do you know your comic?anime by Maxim Martin, even if Camper’s Christmas by Philippe Laprise. International artists, including the French Panayotis Pascot, are expected in Montreal. As also previously unveiled, the traditional Just to Increase Galas will be on the menu. This year’s hosts: Pierre-Yves Roy-Desmarais, Rosalie Vaillancourt, Richardson Zéphir, Eddy King, Phil Roy and Roxane Bruneau.

Rosalie Vaillancourt, who hosted her first gala last year, says it “is rare for Just for Laughs to choose the same person two years in a row.” “They offered it to me very quickly, and I was really, really happy,” he told the The Press. For this second presence, it will be a question of being a new parent (she who spoke of her pregnancy at the previous gala) and the pressure of wanting to please, explained the comedian.

She took advantage of Wednesday’s event to talk about her connection with Juste pour risore, with whom she collaborates after about three years. “I had never wanted to do Just for laughs before Patrick arrived [Rozon], tell him. He’s someone I really trust. In addition, he put a lot of emphasis on creation, which we had not seen before him. »

  • Comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt hosted a gala for the second year in a row.


    Comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt hosted a gala for the second year in a row.

  • Comedian and drag queen Mona de Grenoble will be present this year.


    Comedian and drag queen Mona de Grenoble will be present this year.

  • Mike Ward will be one of the essential comedians of this edition.


    Mike Ward will be one of the essential comedians of this edition.

  • Eddy King is present at the launch of the program for the 40th Just for Risore festival.


    Eddy King was present at the launch of the 40 programand Just for Risore Festival.

  • Phil Roy will also be present during the Just for Risoe festivities this summer.


    Phil Roy will also be present during the Just for Risoe festivities this summer.


The real return

It was necessary to cross the Saint-James church to arrive at the room where the press conference of Juste pour risore is understood. The place was decorated in the colors of the event, mimosas were served, music welcomed the coexists. It was a day of celebration and reunion. We do not skimp on the means for this celebration of the 40th anniversary of the festival.

“For the 40andJust for risore does not do things by halves”, the summary Mona de Grenoble, “drag queen, humorist and proud puppet of Just for risore”, which announced itself “the great return to life of the festival”.

The Juste pour risore Group has also learned lessons from the pandemic, such as the imperative to prepare well in advance.

Before, we started at the end of the fall and we finished a month or two weeks before the press conference. We can’t do that anymore. Comedians are in high demand, more and more. Labor is very scarce. Preparations for 2023-2024 are already rushed.

Patrick Rozon

Patrick Rozon announces that the festival will support the Mission Bon Accueil organization throughout the event this year. Terminals to collect gifts from festival-goers will be installed on the site.

To pay tribute to Quebec teachers, Julie Ringuette and Debbie Lynch-White will take the helm of The pedagogyshow in which Charles Beauchesne, Coco Belliveau, Jade Charbonneau, Mélanie Couture, Sara Dufour, Pierre Hébert and Barbada will also participate. Just for teen, an evening designed for the youngest, will also return to the Place des Festivals. Jay Scott, Claudia Bouvette, William Cloutier and Maoly Martel Dumais will notably be at the event.

Just for Laughs

On the English side, Kevin Hart and Bill Burr, “two of the biggest stars in the world”, will be eagerly awaited for the Just for Laughs festival.

Amy Schumer, John Mulaney, Chelsea Handler, Russell Peters, Ronny Chieng and Rick Mercer will also be in attendance, Bruce Hills, president of Just for Laughs, announced Wednesday. Dozens of international comedians are expected for the occasion.

If the past few years have forced the Juste pour risore Group to adapt in order to remain active, the return is being made with great fanfare. “We are emerging from this pandemic in great health, creatively and financially,” by Charles Décarie, President and CEO of Groupe Juste pour risore. This announced the export of JPR to London in 2023, following the success of the festival launches in the United States.

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