September’s PS Plus Could Receive Xbox Hit

The event State of play the most recent of sony will likely go down in history for how the editor chose to begin and end the proceedings. Thanks to the official revelation of the Resident Evil 4 Remake and a new trailer for Final Fantasy 16it’s fair to say that Sony’s presentation defied recently set expectations.

Although these heavy hitters have received a lot of attention since then, attendees like Tunic should not be swept under the rug. After impressing the players of PRACTICE and Xbox earlier this year, Sony’s State of Play event gave a glimpse of Tunic’s future. Now it’s been revealed that the indie sensation will come to the PS4 and PS5 September 27.


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When Tunic was released as a day one title on Xbox Game Pass given Microsoft in March, he caught the attention of the platform’s subscriber base for several compelling reasons. Conceived as an action-adventure title, it should be remembered that Tunic is a creation of the independent developer Andrew Device. With the help of the editor finjiShouldice has been working hard to bring his passion project to life since 2015.

At a glance, it’s clear that a number of top franchises have helped shape this process. In addition to tributes to the series souls In game design, the player journey in Tunic structurally shares a lot in common with early games. The Legend of Zelda given nintendo.

As they unlock new areas of the map alongside their protagonist, the titular fox, players PlayStation will have an experience unlike anything currently found in the Sony ecosystem.

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Despite sharing DNA with two of the most popular game franchises, describing Tunic as a clone of Souls or Zelda games would be a huge disservice. As well as offering a beautiful universe full of engrossing dungeons, Tunic combines elements of both to form something that is unmistakably unique. Beneath its enchanting isometric world lies a game that is both brutal and rewarding as recent titles from the From software.

As PlayStation players travel the world of Tunic to uncover its secrets, they often encounter difficult enemies that require some serious strategies to defeat. While there are plenty of exciting boss battles to take part in, it’s worth keeping in mind that common enemies can easily overpower the little fox as well.

In a similar soul-inspired vein, enemy restoration shrines can also be discovered that heal the protagonist while saving their progress. Tunic is so handy when it comes to its difficulty, it actually goes further than other recent Soulslike games.

For example, players will sometimes need to refer to the Zelda-inspired game manual for help. However, every line of dialogue and writing in Tunic has been brought to life with entirely new language. Along with adding enchanting intrigue to the game world, design elements like this serve to further emphasize the passion that went into creating Tunic.

September 2022 PS Plus

With all of these factors in mind, it’s easy to see why Tunic has already garnered critical acclaim in 2022. Although it remains to be seen if the indie sensation will join Wander on the first day PSMoresimilar to its debut in Game Pass, PlayStation owners should be ready to jump into the experience regardless.

When September 27 rolls around, PlayStation owners will finally have access to what will likely be one of the most defining experiences of the entire year. And who knows, with the arrival of the new PS Plus, Sony also decides to offer subscribers this great game? He has everything to make it happen, now we just have to wait.

The tunic is available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox series X/S and will be released at PS4 and PS5 September 27.

Via: GameRant/State of Play/PlayStation/YouTube

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