Fans demand the postponement of Sonic Frontiers

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Contrary to the cinematic success, things are not going well for the new game Blue Hedgehog, sound borders. After showing a very disappointing gameplay video, the situation is still not good. Another video, this time focusing on the game’s fights, brought up something that was already looming on the horizon: the request for the title to be postponed.

sound bordersin fact, has already “suffered” a delay, as the game’s initial release forecast was for 2021, but the Sonic Team team decided to push the premiere to 2022 in order to polish the game a little more. seems that the project will have to be given a “second hand” of tweaking.

Besides animations of dubious quality, the gameplay is not the most pleasing. In the comments for exclusive content posted by IGN First, you can see reactions such as “You can’t convince me this isn’t a glorified tech demo. It’s completely soulless.” Due to the terrible repercussion of what has been shown so far, the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers (#AtraseSonicFrontiers, in Portuguese translation) has been raised on the Twitter.

#DelaySonicFrontiers If anyone thinks delaying this game another 5 years is going to fix it, you’re in for a real shock.

Here is the hashtag you should use: #ReplaceSonicTeam

You’re waiting for a dog to learn to drive a truck and you think he just needs more time.


My brother is literally standing in the air.

A video shows how the game’s physics are far inferior to other Sonic games. In Sound Adventures 2, released in 2001, the speed at which the protagonist manages to slide along the handrails of the city is proportional to the speed at which he performs the jump. In bordersit continues to glide effortlessly:

“I think Sonic Frontiers has issues beyond ‘just putting it off’.

“I want a new Sonic game so badly, but I’d rather wait until it’s as good as it gets!

This game feels so unfinished. #DelaySonicFrontiers”

The clamor for the postponement of the game largely reflects the moment in which the franchise is living. After postponing the first film to improve the character’s look and bring it closer to what we know, Sonic succeeded with two superb cinematic adaptations of big success.

But for now it seems that SEGA has no plans to delay the game, which is coming late 2022 for PC, XboxOne, PlayStation 4, nintendo switch, Xbox series X, Xbox series S and PlayStation 5. Additionally, this will be the first game in the franchise to feature Brazilian Portuguese localized subtitles and menus.

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