Eve-Marie Lortie opens her travel diary to us

Our beautiful Eve-Marie Lortie has just returned from a wine trip to the splendid region of the South of France in the company of our friendly wine columnist, Philippe Lapeyrie. The host of Salut Bonjour Week-end has kindly agreed to share with us some of her travel diary which will certainly give you a guide to the most beautiful wine routes in the world.

“Now I have the chance to accompany my friend and colleague Philippe Lapeyrie on a wine tasting trip to the South of France at the end of May. It was a whirlwind trip! We left on Saturday Saturday evening to return on Wednesday, ”says the sparkling host.

This escapade of a few days read the authorization to visit some of the pretty properties of the Jeanjean vineyards near Montpellier. The duo also took the opportunity to see a well-known and highly appreciated winemaker from Quebec, Brigitte Jeanjean. This lady is an incomparable businesswoman who always has both hands busy in her land. Notice to lovers of good wines, it is she who is behind the delicious come the Pive available at the SAQ.

A stop at Mas La Chevalière

The stay continued in Languedoc, this time for a visit to Mas La Chevalière which totally charmed them with its magnificent estate and a lovely terrace where they tasted good wines and had a snack. Eve-Marie admits having taken great pleasure in taking a break in an environment as heavenly as in the vineyards (we can imagine so much!).

Courtesy: Eve-Marie Lortie

Eve-Marie and her traveling companions drove down close to the border with Spain, on the shores of the Mediterranean, to taste the wines of Domaine Cazes. This team stands out with all its organic products made in biodynamics since the end of the 90s.

It is therefore not surprising to see their new acquisition which is part of their efforts to preserve the environment: a 100% electric tractor which will do a good part of the work in the vineyards. Philippe Lapeyrie was even able to take control even in the rows of vines, enough to fall back into childhood!

Mario Landry

A good time in Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Their dream trip ended in a region steeped in history that our wine columnist and sommelier is very fond of, Châteauneuf-du-Pape. On the menu: visit the ruins of the Château and stroll through the land of rolled pebbles and limestone. Nothing better than a tasting of the wines of Clos of the Oratory of the Popes and a magnificent meal to end the journey with friends.

Mario Landry

Although it was a brief trip, the host admits having had a wonderful stay with Philippe Lapeyrie, his girlfriend Véronique, his friend and faithful sidekick for his guide wineMario Landry even if Julie Pion from AdVini.

Mario Landry

This short stay was also an opportunity for Eve-Marie to see her good friend Philippe working and noting the products he will certainly talk about in the wine segments of Salut Bonjour, one of these four. “You have to see him taste everything with Serieux, spit out the wine (elegantly, I assure you!), note everything and question the winegrowers about their different working methods. This whole process is absolutely beautiful,” she says. He ends by saying that he is not a professional, far from it, the more he listens attentively, takes notes and takes pleasure in tasting beautiful and good things prepared by passionate winegrowers.

Mario Landry

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