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Release June 5

Laila Maalouf

Laila Maalouf
The Press

The Cayman Islands are not only valued for the beauty of the beaches or the ideal climate, when selling a property there…

The file of this superb residence indeed devotes a greater place to the very generous tax system of the country (and to the absence of taxes of all kinds) than to all the “small” luxuries with which it is endowed, rather presenting the talkative photos of themselves.

Location of the George Town region, the financial heart of the small territory, this vast house was built in 2008 directly on the beach – this does not however prevent it from having its own outdoor swimming pool, while attending a private cave . With an in-house spa, a tennis court, several billiard rooms, an exercise room and enough space to accommodate family and friends, it’s definitely the ideal place to treat yourself to an escape in the sun… in every sense of the term.


Country: Cayman Islands

Region: George Town

Price: US$49,950,000 (about C$63,185,000)

Area: 48,000 sq.ft.⁠2

8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and 6 shower rooms

Particularities: direct access to the beach in addition to the outdoor swimming pool, the private cave, the house spa

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