Apple may be developing a new web search engine; the tool is similar to Google


The giant “Apple” intends to launch its own new Internet search system

Apple - Image: Playback/Pixabay
Apple – Image: Playback/Pixabay

There are rumors that the Apple invests in the development ofApple Search“. It means a own search engine, similar to Google. The information was published by Robert Scoble, who indicated the novelty after a post on the brand’s annual conference that will take place this Monday (06), bringing great news to iOS users.

Although he didn’t elaborate, Scoble said the rumor was based on conversations with sources. Moreover, he even stated that “Apple” will unveil its new VR-based Apple Glass at the event.

If Apple decides to create a universal search engine, will not be new, as the Safari service is an example of a branded tool. The difference would be to provide search results focused on what the company thinks is useful for them, in addition to focusing on the privacy of its users.

The issue has been widely debated in recent days after a lawsuit filed by the United States, which accuses the Apple It’s the Google to have signed an agreement – considered an anti-commercial practice – which would prevent the giant from creating its own search engine. However, despite the rumor, it is important to point out that the path of this mechanism is not known, if it already exists, if it will actually be launched and when.

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