Miguel Ribeiro is the new president of Académica – Académica

Dethroned Pedro Roxo, who had led since 2017

Miguel Ribeiro is the new president of Académica. The 51-year-old lawyer, a List C candidate, was elected with 56% of the votes of the 1,115 Briosa members who voted in person. He thus dethroned Pedro Roxo (Lista D), who had directed the destinies of the Coimbra club since 2017 and obtained 41% of the preferences.

List C also won the office of the General Assembly, Board of Supervisors, and Academic Council, taking the full seat in those elections.

In addition to these votes in person, it will also be necessary to count the postal votes, which should bring about 1,200 of those who participated in these elections. Only after that the official results will be published.

by Ricardo Chambel


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