Etienne Boulay announces that he will not return to the helm of this show after the summer

Etienne Boulay announces it at his microphone We leave it the same way, morning broadcast of radio WKND 99.5, that he won’t be back on the microphone after the summer holidays.

Photo: Julien Faugere

Lily morning man of the station made a touching announcement, presented to glimpse his future professional projects.

“It’s something I thought about after a long time, obviously the team here is more aware… of trying to make their mark in a market as competitive as the one in Montreal. I was given the job of morning man, it’s a role that I love, starting my day with you three (the co-hosts), it’s extraordinary. What a great challenge, and it’s a privilege to have a microphone like that. This privilege comes with a responsibility, and personally I underestimated what it takes.


He goes on to explain that “The morning hour with my little family is not easy. My children see me less and less, Maïka takes more and more on her shoulders. Added to the cell a company like Atypique, non-alcoholic beverages, which are growing enormously, I will not hide from you that there will be big news to announce in the coming weeks on this subject. Which means I’m a little out of breath and in this time there are choices to be made and decisions to be made.

Etienne indicates that he is physically exhausted and misses his family. He is the father of two young girls and a boy living in the United States, in addition to being stepfather to Maïka’s son.

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He therefore made the decision not to return to the helm of We leave it the same, not without heartache. However, he felt very privileged to be able to experience a smooth ending.

Étienne officially ends on June 23. We wish him good luck for the future!


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