Amazon drops support for payments in Kindle and music apps after Google changes

In response to the changes adopted by the Google In the App Payments Policy on Android, Amazon recently removed support for in-app product purchases Kindle Unlimited and Prime Music, platforms that previously allowed purchases of media such as e-books or music, for example.

According to the information, the company last month sent emails alerting users to the change in payment methods available in its applications in the Google system. Apparently, the e-commerce giant was quick to make this decision to avoid the new Play Store policy which comes into effect this Wednesday (1st).

According to the store’s new payment terms, Google earns a commission on each item or service sold in apps made available on the Play Store, decision valid for all developers. As a result, Amazon would have to pay a fee on every e-book or audiobook sold through its apps.

While Amazon is one of the leading companies to make this extreme decision, other companies – like Barnes & Noble, Tinder, etc. — should also follow the same path by suspending in-app purchases on Android, while on iOS the operation remains unchanged.

For the moment, there is no information on a possible opening of the market concerning the means of payment offered by Google in its proprietary software. However, it is expected that the search giant will soon allow developers to use third-party tools such as transaction brokerage.

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