BMW ends up with dealerships in Europe – Observer

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During the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, an event on the shores of Lago di Como in which BMW was present, the brand revealed what it plans for the future, in terms of models. But it went deeper, as Pieter Nota, the BMW Group (which also includes Mini and Rolls-Royce) director for sales and marketing, provided more important data.

The problem is the distribution model vehicles from the German group, which until now depended on dealers to determine the price, manage discounts, serve customers and sell them the vehicle of their choice, to which they then guaranteed assistance. According to Remark, the group will opt for direct distribution, similar to the decision announced by Mercedeswhich can result in fixed prices and sales on linecontrolled by the manufacturer, with dealers becoming agents and salespeople becoming car specialists, not oriented towards selling, but serving customers, helping them and clarifying all the details of the models.

The way to buy a car will change radically

Pieter Nota did not specify exactly when the change will take place, and the Observer contacted BMW Portugal, from which he received similar information: “the matter is still under discussion and being processed”. remember that in addition to Mercedes, Audi, the rest of the Volkswagen Group and Stellantis will also join the agencyin 2022 or 2023, as the case may be.


The automaker takes on a series of responsibilities that hitherto have been costly for dealers, such as placing orders at the factory, paying for cars to the automaker, managing actions and customer discounts. The dealer, now converted into an agent, is limited to handing over the vehicle to the new owner and is explained by its specialists everything you need to know about your newly purchased vehicle, for a commission around 1/5 from the previous value.

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