THE BALL – Mourinho takes stock and throws himself on the ‘Einsteins of football’ (Rome)

José Mourinho went on vacation and, via social networks, took stock of the season, which ended in winning the Conference League, UEFA’s last competition. In his own way, the 59-year-old coach left a few peck.

“Memories stay forever and history cannot be erased. For me, these were incredible, unforgettable emotions, but I have to think about ‘next’…Before that, I have to hug everyone. I have to tell the world how grateful I am to my players: all of them, from Rui [Patrício], who played 54 games, to Pietro, who did not play a single minute. But in this team, everyone played every minute of every game, that’s what the Einsteins of football don’t know, don’t understand and I feel sorry for them. Football is what you see and what you can’t see, football is not played by 11, it is played by many more, and there were so many of us… Players, coaches, medical staff, analysts, guards dress, kitchen staff, families, friends and I’m very grateful to everyone. One day I will leave Roma and AS Roma, it is the law of football, but more than one or more cups, I would like to see this club united forever by this passion and this love”, wrote Mourinho .

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