Hundreds of flights canceled by easyJet in the face of high demand in Europe

Picture: Anna Zvereva/ CC BY-SA 2.0via Wikimedia Commons

The low-cost company easyJet has announced the cancellation of hundreds of flights from this Saturday 28, due to a computer problem and delays at airports caused by the lack of staff in the face of the high demand of the first summer with less restrictive measures since the start of the pandemic. The measure of interruption of part of the trips takes place during the holidays in Europe, high season in the region.

according investthe British airline has been hit by a series of problems since the removal of COVID-19 restrictions led to a rapid resumption of travel, struggling to recruit enough ground staff at many British airports, while still facing to internal problems with information technology.

The company said in a statement it would cancel around 24 flights a day from London’s Gatwick Airport between May 28 and June 6, but had already been forced to deal with flight cancellations. about 200 flights last Thursday due to a computer problem.

Recently the company removed six seats from some A319sto reduce the crew needed on these models and alleviate some of the problem of lack of contract personnel.

“We are very sorry for the late notice of some of these cancellations and the inconvenience caused to customers booked on these flights, but we believe this is necessary to provide reliable service during this busy time,” the company said in a statement. A press release. “Customers are informed and given the option to rebook their flight or receive a refund and can claim compensation in accordance with the regulations.”

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