Tesla Model Y caught fire out of nowhere and the driver had to break the window to escape (video)

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Tesla cars are safe and at every incident the company is developing methods to prevent the problem from happening again. O CEO Elon Musk himself referenced this effort in response to past gender issues. This time it was a new Tesla Model Y, which stopped in mid-air and a few minutes later burst into flames. In the report heard in the video, the likely scared driver said the door opening mechanism was not working.

The car triggered several error alerts and the driver was forced to break the front window to exit the vehicle.

Image of Tesla Model Y is consumed by flames

Fire consumes a Tesla Model Y with months to live

Although Tesla cars are fully electric, even in the most classic functions (such as opening the doors), it should be noted that the vehicles are equipped with an emergency manual door opening system.

That said, back to the present case, a driver of a new Model Y was running smoothly until his tram stopped with several errors reported. The incident, which happened last Friday in Vancouver, Canada, resulted in no physical harm to the driver, only the destruction of an eight-month-old Tesla.

Image of the interior of the Tesla Model Y driver's door

According to owner and driver Jamil Jutha, the car came out of nowhere with an error notification and then turned off. Moments later, fear gripped him as he realized the cabin was filling with smoke. Visibly surprised, as seen in the video, Jutha managed to get out of the car through the window.

Asked by the firefighters if there was anyone else in the car, he replied:

Not. I had to break the window to get out of the car. Hit the window. Everything stopped. The power didn't work. The door did not open. The windows wouldn't go down, so I thought I had to get out of the car, so I kicked.

As mentioned, Tesla's doors are opened by electronic processes. However, in the event of loss of vehicle power, each door is also equipped with a manual opening system. The button is located in a very accessible place, as shown in the following image.

The information is correctly described in the manual of instructions for cars of the American brand.

This case could be another case where the driver does not know the manual unlock procedure. We often see testimonials of people who use Tesla cars and even mistakenly use this button to try to open the doors. Others who don't know what it's for. In an emergency, when this mechanism is pulled, the door windows lower before allowing the door to be lowered - ensuring safer opening of the doors.

In a video posted on social networks, we can see that the car begins to fill with smoke, then a fire that spread slowly, unlike others who in the past have destroyed the American brand's trams .

In a still disbelieving state, the man said:

I swear to god my car suddenly turned off. I managed to get out and called the fire department. I am not joking".

Although this is a serious problem, the scenario is common to electric or thermal cars. However, we already notice that there are fewer incidents of this type, which shows us that there are more mature and secure technologies.

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