Chantal Lacroix in mourning –

Chantal Lacroix has helped many people throughout her career and some of these people have become friends with her.

This is the case of Nathalie Prud’homme, a strong woman whom she first met in 2005 on Pay it forward.

The host has often spoken of this inspiring lady on her social networks. ” You know her story, suffering from another cancer because she had several recurrences, she will have defendants if to thwart the prognosis which attributed to her 8 months to live, 11 years ago “, she writes today.

She adds : ” Through his own fight to live as long as possible to see his children grow up, he did everything to offer a better quality of life to those and cells who were fighting against cancer. You have no idea of ​​Nathalie’s projects. »

Following the death of this fighter, Chantal Lacroix struggles to find the right words. ” As if no word, no text will be powerful enough to pay homage to him for one last time.

This woman who has become my friend over the years will have inspired me more than once. »

It also states: “ I wanted to fulfill all his wishes because not only did I love him but I knew his speech could inspire, give hope, do good and change lives.


His unfailing contagious joie de vivre taught me never to lose hope, to always have the courage to fight for my convictions, to see the most beautiful in the ugliest, to nurture love instead of hate. and to understand that in life, we always have a choice, the choice of the attitude we want to have towards what we are going through.


Bon voyage my boyfriend, I don’t know what awaits us after this life of ours, but I know that if from above, we can contribute to making this world a better world, you will be at the front on the front line, to do it like you always have. »

Discover his full text and some photos below.

Remember that this week Chantal Lacroix gave news of her daughter and her after the fire in their house. Read it all here.

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