His life with Penélope Cruz, Woody Allen, “The Last Face” … The confidences (very funny) of Javier Bardem

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The Spanish genius Javier Bardem is the invitation of the Cannes Film Festival for a passionate encounter. Selected pieces.

son first movie
“I was very nervous for ‘Ham and ham’, my first film. With Penelope (Cross), we were young, we wanted to do everything perfectly and we were pretty bad plus it was a different period, people took more risks. My first role was very physical. I had accompanied my sister on a shoot and they asked me, “do you want to act”? I didn’t particularly want to be an actor. He asked me “take off your t-shirt”, and I got the part. I was like a piece of meat (laughs).

My family works in the cinema. My mother (Pilar Bardem, Editor’s note) was an actress, my uncle (Juan Antonio) made films and I was familiar with the shooting conditions. I was very lucky but I told myself that I had to work hard to be worthy of this opportunity.

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“There is no country for old people”
When preparing for a role, you should try to understand the psychology of the character. There was violence there. I had to take pleasure in playing violence. I had to kill people all day.

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Alejandro is a perfectionist, he’s an incredible director. We shot for six months.

Blockbuster versus auteur film
It’s the same stress when you say “action” plus it’s different when you’re waiting on set because it takes a lot longer, sometimes up to 10 hours. Sometimes you thread your character. The second part of “Dune” is going to be amazing, I just read a new version of the script and readers are going to be surprised.

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turn with Penelope Cruz (his company)
Sometimes it’s hard to come home after a shoot and do the dishes. Once she came back from a movie where we play opposite each other, I was on the couch, she said to me: “I don’t want to see your face anymore” (laughs). It’s a lot of luck, he’s a wonderful person, I thank Bigas Luna for having engaged us together for “Hammon ham”.

“The Last Face”
Cell remains a great experience of being booed. The press conference is a disaster, a big disaster. It was terrifying. The rules of the festival have changed (journalists no longer see the film before, editor’s note) for the official screening was not like a funeral. You liked the movie, didn’t you? Hey? You are the second person to love him after my mother.

Platform and future of cinema
The platforms give us work, the opportunity to shoot films that are sometimes difficult to edit, but it’s better in the cinema. It’s hard to anticipate what will happen in the future for cinema. Children find it difficult to stay focused to discover films and enjoy the experience.

“Vicky Cristiana Barcelona”
I was surrounded by Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall and Penélope Cruz, I would have paid for that. As soon as I had a question for Woody Allen (the director), he left to play the clarinet. During filming, I was kissing, kissing, kissing and then I realized that the cameraman was gone (laughs).

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