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Vector Program Coordinator at the Zoonoses Control Center, Jean Rio, in an interview for the Marco Zero program – Photo: Marcelo Oliveira

I shouldn’t need it, but Jean Rios, the “Jean du CCZ”, guides how the resident can help deal with this problem “so old and so easy to fight”; watch the interview.

Dengue fever is “so old and so easy to fight”. This is how Jean Rios, coordinator of the Vector Program at the Zoonoses Control Center, the “Jean do CCZ”, sums up in an interview given to the Marco Zéro programme. For this confrontation, a combination of government actions and the contribution of the people of Foz do Iguaçu is necessary.

Watch the interview.

The recent figures are worrying, and they are not just statistics. It is very difficult not to have a family with a case of dengue in the house or in the neighborhood, which causes pain and suffering for people and puts pressure on the public health service. From August 2021 to May this year, there are 7,800 reports of the disease and 575 confirmed cases, with extrapolated data over the past two weeks reaching 800 occurrences.

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In this context, on the part of the resident, the frequent maintenance of the house and the yard prevents the maintenance of the breeding sites of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue fever and other diseases. How? “Everyone must do their part, and the care must be daily”, reinforces Jean.

“You have to avoid stagnant water, because any object can become a breeding ground,” he points out. “You have to check gutters, planters, tires, toys, water or grease reservoirs and even a drink lid thrown in the garden can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes”, underlines the health professional .

In the interview, Jean Rios reports that Aedes aegypti eggs can last up to 450 days, more than a year waiting for contact with water. He explained why smoke is not used and that at the moment the novelty in the fight against the disease is the installation of larviciding stations (EDL), a project of Fiocruz Amazônia in partnership with the Ministry of health.


The escalation of notifications and cases of dengue fever in Foz do Iguaçu led the town hall to issue an order on Thursday 19. According to the regulations, “owners or managers of property will have a period of three days, non-extendable, to maintain the grounds, backyards and buildings”, in order to avoid the accumulation of water and allow the creation of the mosquito, informed the Municipal News Agency (AMN).

In case of inspection or processing of complaints and confirmation of non-compliance with this determination, a fine of 30 UFFI (Fiscal Units of Foz do Iguaçu) will be applied, the value of which is R$ 101.65 each. A fee will also be charged for cleaning to be carried out by the administration.

“If materials with standing water and larvae of the mosquito that transmits dengue fever are found, the fine will be 70 UFFI,” added the AMN. If there is a new finding of similar irregularities, the amount of the fine may be charged twice to the property owner.

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