Denis Lévesque can’t contain his tears while enjoying a surprise from his daughters for his last show

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Without a word, Denis Lévesque had red eyes after the passage of two excerpts made by his daughters during the last show of their father on the antenna of LCN.

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“Father! Congratulations for all the good years and during all these years you have remained attentive for me and for us. For the rest and for all that is to come, I wish you to embark on unique projects, amazing, how you love and who look like you. I love you”, says his daughter Myriam Lévesque

“Hi dad! I’m so proud of you. It’s been 16 years since you received invitations to listen to them in a true and authentic way, it’s also been 16 years since you passed on these values ​​to us. Today those years we highlights and we also celebrate everything that is to come,” says Andréanne Lévesque’s daughter.

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Very emotional, he left his spouse and great collaborator, Pascale Wilhelmy, to take over.

“It’s beautiful, they are your two big daughters Denis”, repeated to say the author, also struck by emotion.

Watch the full clip in the video above.

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