“Also influences the behavior of others”


The study was published last Wednesday (18) in the journal “Science Advances”

Photo: Pixabay - Dolphins.
Photo: Pixabay – Dolphins.

Last Wednesday (19), a study published in “Sciences Advances” showed that dolphins can recognize their friends using a “differentiated” tactic. By urine and its characteristic squeaksanimals can recognize their allies from a distance.

The team led by Jason Bruck of the University of St. Andrews, says that “The use of taste is very useful on the high seas, as urine plumes can remain long after the animals have left.” “By recognizing who left their mark, dolphins could sense an individual’s recent presence even without noticing their presence vocally”Jason added.

To prove this, scientists conducted laboratory tests, training the mammals provide urine samples in exchange for food. In the study, experts presented urine samples from known and unknown dolphins to eight dolphins, noting that the animals spent three times longer absorbing urine samples from known individuals.

According to the researchers’ information, dolphins would still be able to obtain more information from urine. “Given the recognition abilities revealed in our study, we think it is possible that dolphins are also able to extract other information from urine, such as their reproductive stage, or use pheromones to influence the behavior of others.they concluded.

The second step of the research involved comparing the samples with recordings of calls made by the underwater horns, which matched the same dolphin from which the urine sample was taken, or an unrelated sample. Animals stayed near the horn longer when the breedings matched the urine samples.

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