THE BALL – “The most robust champion in the history of Portuguese football” (FC Porto)

This Sunday’s edition of FC Porto’s newsletter, Dragões Diário, naturally highlights FC Porto’s 30th domestic league title celebrations.

“Porto took to the streets to celebrate the most robust champion in the history of Portuguese football. A few hours after the victory over Estoril confirmed that the points record in the history of the league had been broken and the trophy that consecrates the best of Portugal was given to the Estádio do Dragão, Baixa da Invicta was too small to welcome anyone who wanted to salute our heroes. Before the party, an own goal from Joãozinho and a well-targeted shot from Fernando Andrade – just two and a half minutes after entering the pitch for the first time this season – sealed a 2-0 victory and allowed FC Porto to reach the impressive mark of 91 points out of 102 possible. This unprecedented record exceeds the national record of 88 points already achieved by Sérgio Conceição’s side in 2017/18. The correctness of this feat is so obvious and indisputable that it could only be the dominant theme of post-match statements.

The publication also points out: “The crowd that filled Avenida dos Aliados was effusive in celebrations that had the marks that distinguish Porto-clube and Porto-city: they were dignified, civilized and large-scale. In Porto.

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