Goldman Sachs offers top managers unlimited vacations Banking & Finance

Goldman Sachs will allow its partners and executive directors to take as much time as they wish to rest. This is a new ‘flexible holiday’ scheme to promote rest and ‘battery recharging’,” The Telegraph reported, citing an internal memo.

In this memorandum, the American investment bank specifies that from May 1, there will no longer be a limit to the number of days of paid leave for its senior executives and that they will be able to “take the time they have need, without fixed days off”.

This measure aims to counter the episodes of burnout of staff who normally work 100 hours a week.

Goldman thus joins a wave of companies trying to attract new employees and retain existing ones.

In addition, the Wall Street bank also plans to introduce, from next year, a minimum vacation allowance of 15 days for all its employees, with at least one consecutive week of vacation per year.

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