Paul Houde is shown the door of 98.5 FM

We learned on Friday that Paul Houde left his microphone at 98.5 FM and that it was not his decision.

Mario Girard In The Press the radio host questioned, who does this job after 47 years, and indicated that he himself had to write a press release to announce that June 19 would be his last show.

Paul Houde does not understand what explains the management’s decision, which chose to “reorient its programming” since the program he hosted, The Weekends of Paul Houdeis very popular in the polls.

I had a firm three-year agreement and two option years. They chose not to avail themselves of these two years “, he confides to the journalist of The Press.

Paul Houde nevertheless wishes to specify that this departure does not mark his retirement. ” that would be stupid “, he says.

It should be noted that this one regularly makes chronicles on TV. It will also be this Monday at Good evening.

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