Google I/O 2022: 12 highlights of the Android world

The North American technology company unveiled a myriad of novelties during the opening conference of the event Google I/O 2022 which deserve to be highlighted. Thus, we have compiled here the main highlights of the opening speech of this event dedicated to the innovations of the company at the origin of the most popular search engine in the world.

Yesterday May 11, at the opening of Google I/O, Sundar Pichai shared the latest news on how they are improving knowledge and computing to create useful products for everyone. We also saw new products (hardware), although the main news continues to be on software.

1. Make knowledge accessible

Google said it was expanding access to knowledge as part of its mission through an improved search experience, with features like scene exploration and more natural and intuitive computing with the Google Assistant.

2. More languages ​​available on Google Translate

Second, the company mentioned that it is adding 24 new languages ​​to Google Translate, including 10 new African languages ​​such as Lingala and Oromo.

3. Take Google Maps to the next level

Introducing Immersive View – a whole new way to explore on Google Maps. 🌎You’ll be able to experience what a place looks like before you arrive, thanks to advances in AI that allow us to merge billions of Street View and aerial images. #GoogleIO

—Google Maps (@googlemaps) May 11, 2022

His work in 3D mapping and machine learning will merge billions of aerial and ground images to create a new Google Maps experience called immersive viewing.

4. New YouTube Features

Google applies DeepMind technology to combine text, audio, and video to automatically generate chapters more accurately and quickly. So follow auto-translated subtitles in 16 languages ​​for YouTube on mobile devices

5. Help people be more efficient with Google Workspace

The North American company is still integrating AI into its Workspace products. According to her, they already have automatic summary for Google Docs and will soon be available on Google Chat and Google Meet.

7. Improved visuals in Google Meet

The technology improves audio and video quality, inspired by Project Starline, and brings professional, studio-quality virtual lighting to Meet. Also, and at the same time, they are testing this feature to make sure everyone looks the same.

8. Introducing LaMDA 2 and AI Test Kitchen

Last year, Google unveiled LaMDA, its conversational AI model that can discuss any topic. Now they have announced LaMDA 2, their most advanced conversational AI model to date. AITestKitchen shows you how to use it:

Advanced AI language models

The LaMDA 2 has incredible conversation capabilities. To explore other aspects of natural language processing and AI, they introduced the Pathways Language Model, or PaLM. According to Google itself “This is, to date, our largest model.”

9. Introducing the World’s Largest Publicly Accessible Machine Learning Center

Today at #GoogleIO, we shared our latest products and new ways to help people easily access and understand information, including more natural conversations with Google Assistant, an immersive view in Maps and more. Receive all our updates on the keyword.

-Google Google) May 12, 2022

This hub is based on the same network infrastructure that powers Google’s largest neural models. It provides customers with an unprecedented ability to run complex models and workloads, potentially fueling innovation in medicine, logistics, sustainability and more.

10. Work to create a safer Internet

The North American technology company also introduced Protected Computing, a growing toolkit that transforms how, when and where data is processed. Plus, they unveiled new features that give you even more control over user data.

11. The Next Frontier of Computing: Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality can break down communication barriers and help us understand each other better by making language visible. Watch what happens when we bring technologies like transcription and translation into your sights.

-Google Google) May 11, 2022

AR (Augmented Reality) offers new ways to project the real world. In this sense, the company has applied its advances in translation and transcription in a first prototype version that it is testing.

12. Android and Hardware

Finally, Google also presented new mobile devices from the Pixel Buds and next generation, the new tablet, its first connected watch, as well as the new Google Pixel 6a smartphone.

Additionally, they have also shared updates for platforms such as Android and knowledge on our Pixel product portfolio.

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